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Midland Championships at Belvoir

Belvoir Car Parking Arrangements.
As you will probably appreciate the weather, over the last few weeks, has not been kind to event organisers. The 24hrs of heavy rain in the East Midlands at the start of this week has exacerbated our problems. Most of our original car parking is totally waterlogged and unusable.
We have been working with the Belvoir Estate staff to relocate the car parking. As of today, we have been able to put together a solution, which is not ideal but does enable the event to go ahead. Parking will be on a mixture of Estate Roads and the private car park adjacent to the Castle.
Entry to the car parking areas will now be via the Belvoir Estates conference/wedding entrance which is about 400m north of the original car park entrance. Please follow the signs and the marshal’s instructions. Please be patient, the car parking team will, to some extent, be winging it on the day. Please can I ask that you follow the travel instructions as detailed on the final details. It is now even more important for safety that you travel via Denton and Woolsthorpe as apart from the safety of our own competition, we have been notified of a cycle race taking place on the other roads around Belvoir.
The down side of these revised arrangements is that the distances to the two starts will be extended by up to 2km and the arena will not be adjacent to the car parking.
There will, however, be plenty of room for club tents alongside the run in.
Please note that the weather forecast for the weekend has improved and snow showers are less likely, but, it is predicted that the wind chill factor will take temperatures down to -5. Please take this into consideration when preparing for the event and bring a waterproof jacket with you.

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