The club has made performance awards for best in league or championships.

There are also five other awards to club members for club services and novelty.


Tiger Trophy

The club’s highest award given for exceptional service to the club over a long period of time.

President’s Salver

Tor services to the club.

Thelma Spalton Trophy

For best performance by a veteran lady.

Chairman’s Tankard

For a special service in the club during the last year.

Clock Trophy

For the longest time taken in an LEI event.

Score Cup

For the best score in the Score Cup event.

All trophies are awarded at the discretion of the Club Chairman and awards are presented at the Annual Awards Presentation in the Spring.


Rising Star

The Rising Star Award was created to recognise those members of the LEI junior squad who have shown the potential to become outstanding orienteers.

Duty of Care
LEI has a duty of care to the young members of LEI and has an obligation to adhere to the O-Safe policy of British Orienteering. With respect to the O-Safe policy 2.7.3 Talent and Elite, the club should endeavour to avoid placing undue pressure to perform on the young members of LEI.

A candidate being considered for the Rising Star Award should normally fit the following criteria.

  • Be an active member of the LEI junior squad
    (ie take part in the CSC, YBT, PP Relays, etc)
  • Be within M/W12 – M/W18 age class
    (avoids undue pressure to perform on the very young)
  • Show consistent high level performance at the top level orienteering events
    (ie JK, Midland Championships, British Long Distance Championships, YBT Final, East Midland Championships)
  • Be orienteering to TD3 standard and above
  • Has not won the Rising Star Award before

LEI junior squad has youngsters competing at a variety of different TD standards. The issue is how do you compare youngsters to decide who is awarded the Rising Star Award? How can you compare one youngster competing at TD3 with another at competing at TD5? The simply answer is to compare them to their peers and see how they measure up. Therefore the Rising Star Award should be considered a performance award rather than an arbitrary award and as such, there may be years in which no junior reaches the required standard.

Awarded By
The Rising Star Award is awarded at the Club Championships by the Club Chairman with considering nominations from the Club Captains