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AGM 2007

Minutes for AGM 2007 held on Wednesday 24th October 2007 at Forest Hills Golf Club, Desford (SK482058)

Members present: Chris Phillips (CP), Roger Edwards (RE), Bob Haskins (BH), Rachel Simonetti (RS), Ernie Williams (EW), Mark Foxwell (MF), Peter Leake (PL), Mark Sherriff (MS), Roger Phillips (RP), David Toach (DT), Roger Kelly, (RK), Simon Ford (SF), Roger Williamson (RW), Ursula Williamson (UW), Roy Denney (RD), John Cooke (JC), Judith Holt (JH), Graham Watson (GW), Lee Powell (LP), John Marriott (JM)

1 Apologies for absence from: Peter Hornsby, Liz Rocke, Simon Starkey

2 Declaration of membership numbers There was a quorum with 20 members attending

The membership secretary reports that 2007 has been a good year for LEI recruitment wise, mainly as a consequence of our recruitment effort at the National Forest Trophy at Ratby Woodlands and with the development teams effort with the juniors.

Total membership – 180 plus 10 Associate BSOA, 9 Associate School and 1 national group and 1 local group member.

3 Approval and signing of minutes of last annual general meeting Meeting of last minutes approved and signed

4 Matters arising from those minutes None

5 Chairman’s Report on past year

Link to Chairman’s report

6 Matters arising from Chairman’s Report Thanks to the Chairman for steering the club over the last year.

7 Treasurers report and budget projections for coming year Surplus profit of £32 this year, however the trend is we are spending more than our income. Most money into the club was through grants, though there was income from the increase in membership and from increased map prices and more map sales.

Outgoings from event equipment – compasses, banners, A frames etc

Event income summary shows that the summer league is a good money earner and that our c4’s make money rather than badge events

Budget for the forthcoming year- Is a reflection on estimates in May, which has now been updated. We now expect to be in deficit of £1000 (changed from £6 surplus) next year. Some of the extra expenses shall be the British Middle Distance Championship (BMDC) and the access charges from Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and other access fees. It is ironic that we are getting grants from LCC but are then having to give it back to them by way of access fees and car parking! But we are not the only club with this problem.

Club shop – a big increase in income is expected due to sales of club kit.

We also expect income increase from POC’s as we are working more with Councils on their permanent courses.

Grants – the figure in the budget is from bids already put in which we are expected to get.

Expenditure in the budget – we expect to spend money on software and we are also subsidising the club kit

8 Matters arising from Treasurers Report Quite high wastage with unused maps – but that’s because we have had a lot of small events. Wastage SF estimates is 10 -15%

Team entries – money into this is going down – have reduced the % of support, but noone is entering the team relay events.

Suggestion by JM that we can saving money by emailing Newsletter, but its important to have written copies to float at events for marketing etc.

9 Independent Financial Examiners Report Accounts have been signed off.

10 Approval of Accounts Accounts proposed by RE and approved by RD & SF

11 Club Membership Fees for coming year 2008-2009 No change to current fee Family £4 , Senior £4, Groups £10, Correspondent – £4
BOF request membership fees amount by September each year so it was suggested we fix fees for 18 months – proposed and accepted by RD and seconded by JH

12 Amendments to the Committee Standing Orders Copy in newsletter of full club standing orders – Reasons for changes to the standing orders is that management and sub committee changes have been made. E.G the summer league co-ordinater’s role has been amalgamated into an extra sub committee (the minor events committee) to look after C5’s.

13 President’s remarks and election of Chairman Thanks to CP for his leadership this year. LEI has been the ‘brand’ leader regarding our summer league and other clubs are following our lead.

Reminder that the national conference is taking place this Saturday where a major review of structure of future British orienteering will be discussed. BMDC – started planning for this within its set timetable, showing LEI can cope with large events.
EW wished the club and its members a successful year next year.

No nominations for chairman before the AGM and it was proposed by EW that CP to remain as Chairman and was seconded by PL

14 (New) Chairman’s address and plans for coming year

Link to Chairman’s address

15 Election of other Principal Officers (Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) BH re elected as Vice Chair, RE re elected as Treasurer and RS re elected as Secretary. Proposed by EW and seconded by RP.

16 Election of Committee The following people were elected onto the committee: Ernie Williams, Roger Williamson, Simon Ford, Mark Foxwell, Roy Denney, Peter Leake, John Cooke, Judith Holt, Roger Kelly, Kevin Bradley, Andy Portsmouth, Peter Hornsby, Graham Watson, Lee Powell, Irene Marriott, Ben Windsor, John Marriott Proposed by RP and seconded by MS. Jobs to be delegated at November committee meeting.

17 Election / adoption of Independent Financial examiner Auditor – Lewis Sutton stands again – accepted by SF and seconded RK

18 Election of President, Honorary Members It was proposed by CP that EW should stand as President again. Seconded by RK Honorary Members – Lewis Sutton and Tim Marshall with a 3rd new honorary member – Sam Attaway who was proposed by RD and seconded by CP and a 4th new new honorary member Irene Marriott, proposed by JM, supported by CP and seconded SF.

19 Open forum Compass sport – Cannock Chase was chosen by the majority as 1st choice location for 13th January. Reminder of the Grade 3 controllers course end of November and beginning of December. PH – promoted from Grade 2 to Grade 1 controller Planners course will be held in January and February 2008 Organisers course – dates to be advised

SI kit – small working group reporting back to committee, As we are using SI so much, thoughts are we need more kit of our own. Maybe another laptop for C5 events. EMOA wants to buy more kit too and to keep blocks of SI for each club. Problems with keeping up with technology was discussed as possibly more expenditure by the club every year. It was discussed that Ocad and training for SI to be in planning and controllers courses.

It was discussed that Lift sharing would be helpful to the environment and that the website should set up a forum for members to advertise car space for other members.

University promotion – it was discussed that promoting our events to Orienteering Clubs in universities would be beneficial but we would need someone to take project on board and see it through.

It was discussed that BOF were beginning to bring Orienteering related sports into their remit – ie adventure racers and mountain bike O’s etc, which until now they had been reluctant to do so.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.