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LEI wins CompassSport Cup Heat

LEI scored 2444 points beating WAOC by 10 points.

Our scorers were: Anna Barber, Libby Barber, Chris Bosley, Ed Chester, Dave Denness, Jessica Dring-Morris, Toni O’Donovan, Roger Edwards, Kevin Gallagher, Andy Glover, Ben Glover, Daniel Glover, Alison Hardy, Robyn Jarvis, Peter Hornsby, Don Moir, Roger Phillips, Andy Portsmouth, Esther Revell, James Rogers, Andy Simpson, Ellen Simpson, Matt White, Ursula Williamson and Ian Wilson.

Other LEI competitors contributed by pushing down the points of our rivals.

Detailed Results

None of us recollect ever winning a heat!
So put the final at Sutton Park in October in your diary!

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