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Fosse Meadows update from the planner

I am sFosse meadows extractorry the Fosse Meadows event scheduled for Wednesday 16th October was cancelled and I hope it did not create too much disappointment and did not disrupt to many peoples plans for the day.

As most of you will have guessed it was because of the very wet weather we have had for quite a time.  I had been monitoring the Park for about a couple of weeks and up to the weekend it was felt the event could and should go ahead, although I was aware it was likely runners would be getting wet feet.  On the Tuesday afternoon when the final inspection visit was made things had changed.  A significant section of the event area had became flooded and waterlogged.  Worst still one gateway and two other near by field entrances had water knee high with a considerably rapid water flow through them. Just to compound the problem these were on the route runners on the Long and Medium courses would certainly have taken.  I came to the view these were impassable and judged them to be a significant hazard and potentially unsafe.  My next thought was to try and alter the effected courses to avoid the problems but this presented many difficulties and I came to the reluctant decision to call the event off.

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