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Burley on the Hill

Overlooking Rutland water, this hill top woodland has been mapped but not used for many years. It has been through the hands of numerous owners some with fairly colourful reputations. Our last map was drawn in 1979 and will obviously have been overtaken by changes on the ground. There has been talk of residential development within the buildings and possible office accommodation but the present circumstances are not known. It is a target for re-activation and any information will be welcome.

Oakham Tops

This is a series of small Woodland Trust sites clustered across the hill tops above Rutland Water on the outskirts of Oakham and near to Brawnston in Rutland. There is a mixture of meadows with gorse thickets, mature copses and some new plantings. Gorse Field Wood is about 20 acres, Harris Grove and Balls Meadow add another 14 and The Seek is 27 giving 61 acres in all, with paths through pastureland linking them. The acquisition of a nearby field in 2008 with some assistance by the club added a further 30 or so acres.

Rutland Water

The flooded valley has the character of a basin, with the flat expanse of water surrounded by generally low, gently sloping hills to the skylines. For the most part, Rutland Water is unobtrusive from many of the surrounding roads as a result of the undulating topography and high level of tree cover around its shores. However, from certain vantage points extensive views across the water to the surrounding slopes are gained. The openness of this huge mass of water is significantly softened by the presence of the Hambleton peninsular. Varying water levels produce a changing shoreline landscape. Established, pre-reservoir trees and woodland and subsequent planted planting and landscaping, combine to provide a detailed mosaic of pasture and woodland on the shores and all the variety we need for orienteering.

We have mapped and used pockets round the Water and started a programme to map the whole area but access and linkage problems persist and the completion of this project is now low priority.

The Water can be over seen from either Burley on the Hill which is mapped but we do not use at present and from the area the other side of the lake from the area which we know as Oakham Tops.

Wardley Wood

This is an interesting prospect of 180 acres off the A47 approaching Uppingham, an area where we have few opportunities. This small wood is an ancient woodland on a hillside in the undulating hills of Rutland where muntjac deer, fox and badger find refuge. Wardley Wood is famous for its display of bluebells in early May as well as its shrubs, wildflowers and wet valleys where rare opposite-leaved golden saxifrage grows. Numerous birds and other creature thrive including long tailed tits, lizards and butterflies.

It is bordered by interesting pasture land including a motte and bailey and steep slopes running off Castle Hill, but shooting tenants mean we cannot get access at the present time but we will keep trying.