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Event Locations

A to Z List of event locations currently available within Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and the north of Northamptonshire

Postcodes for GPS/SatNav users were converted from OS Grid References at the website http://www.streetmap.co.uk

Car Park/Access Grid References are given for the following Ordnance Survey Landranger Sheets (1:50000):

128 Derby and Burton
129 Nottingham & Loughborough
130 Grantham
140 Leicester & Coventry
141 Kettering, Corby & surrounding area
152 Northampton & Milton Keynes

You can download this list to your GPS or SatNav as a POI or favourites file.

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This is an interactive list. Click on the grid reference or postcode for a location map in either Multimap or Streetmap format.



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Abbey Park Inc. Riverside (Abbey Park Road) SK589058 LE4 5AJ
Abbey Park Inc. Riverside (St. Margaret Pastures – Pay and Display car park) SK585054 LE1 3EJ
Abbey Park Inc. Riverside (Pets Corner) SK583061 LE1 3EJ
Altar Stones (Cul-de-sac off Ashby Road/Hill Lane Junction) SK485108 LE67 9UA
Aylestone Meadows (Canal Street) SK573014 LE2 8LA
Aylestone Meadows (South – Near ‘Black Horse’) SK569009 LE2 8LT
Aylestone Meadows (North car park off Braunstone Lane East/B5418) SK567014 LE3 2FB
Aylestone Meadows (Riverside College – closed in 2011) SK566017 LE3 2EL


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Bagworth Woodlands (North – ‘Miners Welfare’) SK446081 LE67 1BR
Bagworth Woodlands (South – Near Brick Works) SK458068 LE67 1DL
Barkestone And Terrace Hills (Wood Lane and the Jubilee Way) SK797320 NG32 1EY
Beacon Hill (Top – West – Pay at Entry Gate) SK510145 LE12 8SP
Beacon Hill (Bottom – East – Pay at Entry Gate) SK521148 LE12 8RW
Beauchamp College Campus (Ridgeway, Oadby) SP627993 LE2 5TP
Beaumanor Hall (Off Forest Road, Woodhouse) SK538157 LE12 8UQ
Belvoir Estate (Toft’s Hill – ‘Red Lion’ at Stathern) SK772312 LE14 4EZ
Belvoir Estate West (Castle car park) SK817337 NG32 1PE
Benscliffe Wood (Green Hill) SK509127 LE67 9PA
Bosworth Battlefield (Visitor Centre car park) SK402001 CV13 0AD
Bosworth Battlefield (Ambion Lane) SK410004 CV13 0AH
Bosworth Battlefield (Shenton Station) SK397003 CV13 6DJ
Bosworth Battlefield (Sutton Wharf) SK411994 CV13 6DS
Bradgate Park (Hallgates car park) SK541114 LE7 7GQ
Bradgate Park (Old John car park) SK522116 LE6 0AH
Bradgate Park & Swithland (‘Christmas Tree’ car park) SK523118 LE6 0AL
Brocks Hill (Visitor Centre – Off B582 Wigston Road) SP619997 LE2 5JJ
Broombriggs (Off Beacon Hill Road) SK523145 LE12 8RW
Burbage Common And Woods (North – Visitor Centre and Common) SP447953 LE10 3DD
Burbage Common And Woods (South – Woods) SP451941 LE10 2AT
Burrough Hill (Off Somerby Road – Pay and Display car park) SK766114 LE14 2QZ


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Cademan and Thringstone Woods (Grace Dieu Manor School – off A512) SK440181 LE67 UG
Cademan Woods (Whitwick ‘Hare And Hounds’) SK433167 LE67 5AH
Cademan Woods (Whitwick ‘Man Within Compass’) SK439167 LE67 5AS
Cademan South (Whitwick St John the Baptist C of E School) SK433165 LE67 5AT
Castle Hill (Cul-de-sac near Anstey Tennis Club) SK554083 LE7 7AN
Charnwood Forest South (‘Christmas Tree’ car park) SK523118 LE6 0AL
Common Hill (Eastern end of Pretoria Road, Ibstock) SK420105 LE67 6LQ
Conkers Discovery Park (Rawdon Road, Moira) SK310161 DE12 6GA
Conkers Waterside Centre and Sarah’s Wood (Bath Lane, Moira) SK309156 DE12 6BA


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Dilworth New Clumps (On B5003 Ashby Road) SK322161 DE12 6DW
Donisthorpe North – Conkers Waterside (Bath Lane) SK309155 DE12 6BA
Donisthorpe Woodland Park (Miners Welfare, Church Street) SK318141 DE12 7PY
Donisthorpe Woodland Park (small car park off B586) SK319142 DE12 7BA


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East Carlton Park (off A427) SP833894 LE16 8YF
Evington Park and Arboretum (North – Evington Park) SK625031 LE5 6EA
Evington Park and Arboretum (South – Shady Lane Arboretum) SK627023 LE2 2FB
Evington Park and Arboretum (The Cow and Plough) SK628021 LE2 2FB


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Fermyn Woods (Off A6116 Sudborough Road) SP951851 NN14 3HS
Fineshade Woods (Top Lodge) SP978984 NN17 3BB
Fosse Meadows Country Park (Off Fosse Way) SP489910 LE10 3AB
Foxton Locks Country Park (Off Gumley Road south of ‘The Locks’) SP692892 LE16 7RR
Foxton Locks (Off Gumley Road north of ‘The Locks’) SP691897 LE16 7RA


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Glenfield Urban Fringe (Glenfield Sports Ground) SK544071 LE3 8AG
Grace Dieu (Grace Dieu Cricket Ground) SK431180 LE67 8LT
Grange and Battram Woods (South – west of Battram village) SK425093 LE67 1GB
Grange and Battram Woods (North – off High Street – car park next to Halls of Ibstock Ltd) SK408101 LE67 6LG
Guthlaxton Community College (Off B582) SP598985 LE18 2DS


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Hastings High School (St Catherine’s Close, Burbage) SP437933 LE10 2QE
Hermitage Leisure Centre (Silver Street, Whitwick) SK434157 LE67 5EU
Holly Hayes (Castle Rock High School) SK452149 LE67 4BR


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Ibstock Community College (Central Avenue) SK406103 LE67 6NE
Irchester Country Park (Off B570 Gipsy Lane) SP911658 NN29 7DJ
Ivanhoe Community College (North Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch) SK359170 LE65 1HX


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Johns Lee Wood (Scout Encampment off Markfield Lane) SK504105 LE67 9PS


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Knighton Park (Off A563 Palmerston Way) SK606009 LE2 3RT


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Leicester Grammar School (London Road, Great Glen) SP648983 LE8 9FF
Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre (Loughborough Road) SK591076 LE4 5PN
Loughborough University (Off A6004 Epinal Way) SK523193 LE11 3TT
Loughborough Endowed Schools (Off A6 Leicester Road) SK541189 LE11 2AQ
Lount Wood (Alongside B587 Road) SK383191 LE65 1SD
Lount Woodlands (Staunton Harold Hall car park) SK377208 LE65 1RU


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Maplewell Hall School (Near Woodhouse Eaves) SK522133 LE12 8QY
Market Bosworth (Car park off Rectory Lane) SK407030 CV13 0GZ
Market Bosworth Country Park (Off B585 Park Road) SK407030 CV13 0GZ
Markfield (South of the A50 – Altar Stones Lane) SK485106 LE67 9UA
Markfield (Hill Lane – alongside Hill Hole Quarry) SK485105 LE67 9PY
Martinshaw Woods (Groby Community College) SK518070 LE6 0GE
Martinshaw Wood (Car park by M1 Motorway Bridge on Markfield Lane, Ratby) SK510066 LE6 0LQ
Melton Country Park (North of Melton Mowbray town centre – off Wymondham Way) SK756208 LE13 1EB
Melton Country Park (Doctor’s Lane – off A607 Thorpe Road) SK759198 LE13 1DG
Moat Community College (Off Maidstone Road) SK596044 LE2 0BD
Moira Furnace (Car park off Shortheath Road) SK313152 DE12 6AT


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National Forest HQ and Sarah’s Wood (Moira) SK309156 DE12 6BE


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Oakham School (School Playing Fields off Station Road) SK860091 LE15 6QZ
Oakham Tops (Lay-By on Oakham to Braunston Road) SK840074 LE15 8QY
Oakham Woodlands (Brooke Road, Oakham) SK855076 LE15 6JP
Oaks In Charnwood (Scout Encampment) SK475155 LE12 9YB
Old Dry Hills (Car parking at Fermyn Woods OSGR: SK951851 – NN14 3HS) SP945860 NN14 3JQ
Outwoods and Jubilee Wood (Nanpantan Sports Ground) SK516176 LE11 3GG
Outwoods and Jubilee Wood (Woodhouse Lane) SK514159 LE12 8TA


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Ratby Woodlands (Industrial Estate off A50) SK515079 LE6 0FT
Ratby Woodlands (Plough Inn car park) SK511059 LE6 0LN
Ratby Woodlands (Woodland Trust car park on Burroughs Road) SK497061 LE6 0XZ
Ratby Woodlands (Forest Hill Golf Club, Markfield Lane near Botcheston) SK480065 LE9 9FH
Rough Park and Rising Wood (Off Melbourne Road) SK393192 LE65 1RS


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Sence Valley Forest Park (Next To A447) SK404113 LE67 6NW
Sence Valley Country Park (Queens Head, Heather) SK390109 LE67 2QA
Snibston Discovery Park (Car parks off Ashby Road, Coalville) SK416143 LE67 3LN
Snibston Discovery Park (Golf Range Club House) SK416141 LE67 3NQ
Soar Valley Community College (Gleneagles Avenue) SK605072 LE4 7GY
South Charnwood High School (Off Broad Lane) SK471092 LE67 9TB
Spring Cottage (Conkers Discovery Park/Waterside, Rawdon Road, Moira – follow the Brown Tourist signs for ‘Conkers’) SK310161 DE12 6GA
Spring Cottage (Spring Cottage Road – opposite ‘The Navigation’ which closed in late 2013) SK303161 DE12 6ND
Spring Cottage (Occupation Road) SK298173 DE11 8HD
Stanton-under-Bardon (Billa Barra Hill) SK468111 LE67 9QF
Stanton-under-Bardon (The Thatched Inn, Main Street) SK466100 LE67 9TL
Swithland and The Brand (North car park – near village of Swithland) SK537130 LE12 8ST
Swithland (South car park- Near Cropston Reservoir) SK537118 LE12 8TN


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The Outwoods (Nanpantan Sports Ground) SK516176 LE11 3GG
The Outwoods (Woodhouse Lane) SK515160 LE12 8TA
Thomas Estley Community College (Station Road, Broughton Astley) SP528926 LE9 6PT


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Wakerley Great Wood (OSGR for car park – postcode for village of Wakerley) SP960987 LE15 8PA
Watermead Country Park East (Mill Lane car park) SK609095 LE4 8AF
Watermead (North – Leicestershire CC – Wanlip Road – pay at Entry Gate) SK607114 LE7 1PD
Watermead (South – Leicester City – Melton Avenue – off A607 Melton Road) SK602083 LE4 7RN
Watermead (West – Leicestershire CC – Meadow Lane, Birstall) SK602096 LE4 4FX
West Leicester Parks (Park View – roadside) SK552045 LE3 6SJ
West Leicester Parks (Western and Braunstone Parks – off A47) SK561042 LE3 0WA
Willesley Wood – Dilworth New Clumps and Shellbrook Wood (Hicks Lodge National Forest Cycle Centre – Willesley Woodside – Pay and Display car park) SK328156 DE12 6ED
Willesley Wood (Willesley Woodside Road) SK337144 LE65 2UP
Willesley Wood (Ashby Road – car park west of Willesley Basin) SK328142 DE12 7QF
Willesley Wood (Donisthorpe Miners Welfare, Church Street) SK318141 DE12 7PY

(Document source: Ernie Williams. Amended 30th December 2013.)