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Tuesday 3rd August 2021 – Summer League 15 Loughborough University
Event ID: 2350
Event Type: Sprint; Urban;
Event Level: Local
Beginners: We welcome beginners.
Car Park grid ref: SK524193 – view in Google Maps or Streetmap
Off Epinal Way, car park 19, straight on from security, up hill, then left turn. NB no toilets. No arrival before 5.45pm.
Car Park Postcode: LE11 3TT
Start Times: 6.00pm – 7.15pm
Courses Close: 8.15 p.m.
Courses: See notes;
Fees: Seniors £5, Non BOF Senior £6, Full-time students & working age unwaged £2.50, Juniors (or Family group shadowing their juniors) £1.50
Refunds will be paid to those needing to withdraw through covid-19 restrictions. Email requests to organiser or Treasurer.
Electronic Punching: SI Dibber Hire: £1.00 (LEI members can collect vouchers towards card purchase) – Contactless SIAC available

Summer League: – midweek evening events

Covid-19 Measures: Do not attend if you have Covid symptoms, have been close to someone who has or have been asked to isolate; Keep distanced from other orienteers;

Beginners: If you are using an SIAC dibber you must punch the start and finish; the rest are contactless (hint: on visiting a control hold to your ear to listen for the beep). Go for an early start if you are a beginner.

Terrain: Campus mainly hard surfaces.

Clothing: Shorts and singlets may be worn.

Entry: Use the on-line entry system below – Closing date 1 Aug.
Payment: Cash on the night, exact money preferred.

Two Sprint Courses and a Beginners’ Course.

Courses Close: Controls will be taken in from 8.15pm, so retire if you have not completed your course by then.

Summer League 2021
The 2021 LEI Summer League consists of 17 events taking place from April to August. They include long, score, sprint and urban events. Your top 10 scores count on the league table. See Summer League for the full list of fixtures.

Large Groups: Large groups (Youth group, Scouts, Running club etc) should let the Organiser know a week in advance.
Toilets: None.
Dogs: No dogs allowed
Social Venue:

Planner: Iain Phillips
Organiser: Ursula Williamson
Email Contact: ursula.williamson.orienteer@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 01164295381
Page Updated on: 2021-07-28

Summer League 15. Loughborough University

Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Enter Summer League 15. Loughborough University

Summer League 15. Loughborough University

Number of entries (47)
Name Club Age Class Si Number Start Time
2 x Sprint (44)
Ursula Williamson LEI W55 9100862 18:00
Chris Phillips LEI M70 8026647 18:15
Andy Glover LEI M40 8657470 19:00
Ben Glover LEI M16 8083012 18:55
Daniel Glover LEI M14 8012546 18:50
David Cladingboel LEI M55 8250166 18:01
Lesley Norton WRE W75 202248 18:02
Rod Postlethwaite WRE M65 50029 18:03
Brian Ward HALO M55 8250362 18:16
Amanda Ward HALO W55 8040363 18:14
Patrycja Czupryniak LEI W21 1841999 18:04
Jane Dring-Morris LEI W50 8301268 18:20
Jonathan Lee LEI M60 8337739 18:10
Sue Bicknell LEI W75 8201989 18:07
Roger Edwards LEI M70 8003228 18:19
Andy Nicholls LEI M45 8012549 18:17
Peter Dargue LEI M65 8105646 18:11
Kevin Gallagher LEI M70 8111049 18:05
Maureen Webb LEI W65 8203137 18:06
Matthew Birkett LEI M45 8210875 18:08
Andrew Hamblen LUOC M21 HIRE 18:09
Mike Hampton OD M75 9000280 18:13
Ray Collins WCH M65 8445566 18:18
Cerys Glover LEI W12 8323212 18:59
Alison Glover LEI W40 HIRE 18:21
Andrew Selby DVO M45 8115252 18:40
Claire Selby DVO M45 8060391 18:39
Bruce Bryant OD M60 8120411 18:22
Liz Phillips OD W55 8120412 18:24
Tricia Neal NOC W75 8287136 18:25
Sam Jones NOC M16 8290506 18:23
Dave Skidmore DVO M75 8270946 18:26
Ruth Ellis DVO W70 8280951 18:31
Jeffrey Baker LOG M70 8010451 18:27
Tanya Taylor LOG W50 8201070 18:28
Peter Leake LEI M80 8010739 18:29
Jo White LEI W45 8321577 18:32
Charlotte Ward HALO W21 8657486 18:45
Kevin Bradley LEI M65 8280655 18:33
Ernie Williams LEI M75 8070642 18:35
Carol Dredge WCH W65 9101442 18:34
Bob Dredge WCOC M70 8290951 18:36
Doug Dickinson DVO M75 8130645 18:37
Peter Hayes MDOC M60 2029072 18:38
Beginners (3)
Shreya Barve IND W21 HIRE 18:12
George Selby DVO M12 263468 18:41
Matthew Martin +1 IND M10 HIRE 18:30

Summer League 15. Loughborough University

Summer League 15. Loughborough University

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