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Event Details

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 – Club Night urban practice Quorn
Event ID: 2268
Car Park grid ref: SK561172 – view in Google Maps or Streetmap format.
NE end of Barrow Road, SW side of uncrossable roundabout
Car Park Postcode: LE12 8EJ
Registration Times: na
Start Times: 6pm to 7pm
Courses Close: 8pm
Courses: Short; Medium; Long;
Fees: Families £5.00 Seniors £3.00 and Juniors £1.50
Refunds will be paid to those needing to withdraw through covid-19 restrictions. Email requests to organiser or Treasurer.
Electronic Punching: None – Contactless SIAC not active
Link/Event Details: http://www.leioc.org.uk/wordpress/lei_fixtures/uploads/cd.pdf
Notes: Urban Night Event Practice: Consider which orienteering skills are more significant at night? Make use of compass across open areas. Focus on these during your run.

Courses: Short (1.4Km), Medium (2.7Km) and Long (4.5Km). You can expect to run 40 percent longer than the crow flies.

Pre-Registration : Text or email the organiser(see below) before noon on Tues with the course and time you want to run in order to ensure a map is available.

Courses: Start, Finish and all control sites are identified by a GPS signal with no physical control kite or plaque. Do not tap ‘Go to Start’ until you are ready to go. Download App

Kit: A torch is mandatory as some are not covered by street lights(ideally a head torch and a spare hand torch). A smart phone with the MapRunF or MapRunG App is necessary. Also advised are: Shoes with good grip as grass areas may be slippery; Handgel; Cagoules if wet;and a warm layer for afterwards as changing is not permitted.

Control descriptions: can be downloaded from the link above and also om the map.

Terrain: Mainly streets and alleys with some park and grass areas. There are one or two short “cliffs” at control sites, so extra care should be taken in these areas.

Covid-19 Measures: Do not attend if you have Covid symptoms, have been close to someone who has or have been asked to isolate; Keep distanced from other orienteers; Do not form groups of more than 6 people and do not mingle between groups.

Responsibility: by participating you agree to take responsibility for your own safety.

Large Groups: Not suitable for large groups
Toilets: none
Social Venue: Zoom at 9pm
Planner: Esther Revell
Organiser: Roger Edwards
Email Contact: rwmhedwards@gmail.com
Phone Contact: 07809678252
Page Updated on: 2020-11-01