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Event Details

Sunday 17 December 2017 EMOA League Outwoods -LOG and NOC Championships

Event Level: Regional
Notes: Car Park: Dynamo Pavilion, Watermead Lane (off Nanpanton Road), Lougborough. See map link below

LOG and NOC Club Championships: LOG and NOC members please check with your club to confirm which course qualifies for your championship. For NOC see club website.

Terrain: Mixed woodland, crags, slopes and grassland. There is a good network of surfaced and unsurfaced paths. Recently updated map.
Autumn leaf fall obscures some paths.

Start and Finish: Start approx 1,300m from Registration. Please allow approximately 20 minutes to walk to the start.
Finish approx 1,000m from download.
There will be a clothing dump near the finish on the way to the start.

Courses: Length Climb Controls
White 1.7km 40m 12
Yellow 2.1km 70m 13
Orange 3.0km 75m 14
Light Green 3.5km 130m 12
Short Green 3.4km 125m 13
Green 4.6km 140m 16
*Purple 4.6km 160m 20
Blue 6.8km 200m 26 (double sided map)
Brown 8.5km 245m 29 (double sided map)

* The Purple course is for LOG members only

Electronic punching: This event uses Sportident contactless punching. SIAC cards can be hired at registration.

Map: Recently updated by Don Moir. Printed by Hassall & Lucking Ltd. Scale 1:7500.

Special Symbols: Green X – Large Log Pile; Brown X – Rootstock; Green O – Distinct Tree

Refreshments: EMJOS cake stall and hot drinks in the Pavilion

Facilities: Registration, Download and toilets in the Pavilion

Safety Notices
• All competitors take part at their own risk.
• Care needed near crag tops and on steep uneven ground.
• Take care if you run through the public car park.
• The public road on the west of the map is dangerous for runners and out of bounds.
• Mobile phone signals are poor in all parts of the wood except for the eastern edge.
• Outwoods is popular with dog walker and runners. Please take care and stay courteous near other woodland users.
• Full leg cover is mandatory. All competitors should carry a whistle for use in emergencies.

All competitors must download whether or not they complete the course.

East Midlands League: Fixtures and league tables. The best 8 results from the 14 events in 2017 will count towards your total points score. Points are based on your time compared to the winner and adjusted for your age class.

Suitable for Beginners?: Beginners are welcome. Please arrive early and preferably let the organiser know in advance so that you can be sure to get advice from an experienced orienteer.
Large Groups?: If you intend to come to our event as part of a large group, eg Youth group, Scouts, Cubs, Athletic or running club, it would be helpful to let the Organiser know in advance. This ensures we can have enough maps available for you and avoid disappointment.

Organiser: Laurie Fluck   Contact:
Planner: Iain Phillips
Controller: Chris Bosley
Courses: White; Yellow; Orange; Light Green; Short Green; Green; Blue; Brown;
String Course: No string course available
Electronic punching using SI card: Yes – Card Hire at Registration: £1.00 (LEI members can collect vouchers towards card purchase) – Contactless dibbing (SIAC) will be available at this event
Fees: Seniors £7.50 and Juniors £3.00 – Seniors on White to Orange courses £3.00
Registration Times: 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon
Start Times: 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Courses Close: 2.00 p.m.
Car Park Grid Reference: SK516176 – view in Google Maps or Streetmap format.
Dynamo Pavilion, Watermead Lane, Lougborough
Car Park Postcode: LE11 3YE
Dogs: On lead only
Social Venue: