What is Orienteering


CompassSport Cup

This year’s CSC Regional Heat is being hosted by NOC at Sherwood Pines on the 15th March 2015. Entries are via www.fabian4.co.uk, with the closing date on the 27th February. To ensure we have the best possible chance of progressing to the national final, please enter the course appropriate to your age class.

Full event details can be found at www.noc-uk.org and previous CSC courses can be found at http://www.noc-uk.org/gadget/rg2/#15

Brown Men Open
Short Brown M20- M40+
Blue Men M50+ Blue Women Women Open
Green Men M60+ Green Women W20- W45+
Veterans Short Green M70+ W60+
Junior MenGreen M18- Junior WomenShort Green W18-
Orange Men M14- Orange Women W14-

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