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British Schools’ Score Orienteering Championship

Leicestershire Schools including members of LEI won both the Primary Girls and Upper Secondary Team competition. Brookvale High were third in the Middle Girls.

Daisy and Charlie Rennie, Ethan Tebbutt and Finn Lydon who all came 1st in their age category. All have been winners in previous years. Daniel Glover (running up a year as he’s in Year 4!), Iona Moss and Imogen Wilson came 2nd; Harrington Leake and Anna Barber came 3rd.

Boys in the Year 10/11 and 12/13 event were both won by those finding all 31 controls in the fastest time. The Year 12/13 was won by 5 seconds but year 10/11 by nearly two minutes.

Eight other students had top ten finishers.

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