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Tuesday 14 July Zoom social Club night Details
Wednesday 15 July Summer League 13 Groby Cancelled Details
Tuesday 21 July Summer League 14 Johns Lee Wood Cancelled Details
Thursday 30 July Summer League 15 Fosse Meadows TBC Details
Friday 31 July Bagworth & Thornton Woods Frolic (now open) Details
Tuesday 4 August Summer League 16 Melton Country Park Details
Monday 10 August Committee Zoom Details
Wednesday 12 August Summer League 17 Bennion Pools Details
Thursday 20 August Summer League 18 Aylestone Meadows and SL Presentations Details
Sunday 4 October East Midlands League Burbage Common Details
Sunday 22 November East Midlands Championships at Hanging Hill, Boothorpe and Pick Triangle Details


Sunday 15 October Test event Details